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What We Do

Our mission is to educate you so that you can take your trading/investing skills to the next level. Using technical analysis can help you time the markets for better entry and exits. Combine that with the right option strategies and you can really create a returns that would consistently beat the benchmark by a wide margin. 

If you had suffer huge loses from the Covid-19 Crash in March, you would understand that no matter what company you hold, you still end up with a big loss when markets sells off. 

If you know how to use technical analysis, you could of avoided a majority of the sell off and able to re-enter near the bottom of the market. There were clear signals that indicate a big sell off could be coming and there was a clear signal that market has hit it’s bottom.

What we teach is technical analysis, using a combination of indicators and price action to determind entries and exits to maxiumize our wins and minimize our loses. 

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About Us

Eddy is a seasoned stock market investor, having been involved since the age of 16. He is a self made millionaire from immigrant parents who came to Canada with nothing but the motivation to work hard and try to achieve a better life. 

He has seen his fair share bull, bear and full blown market crashes and has lived to survive and thrive. Over the years, he has shifted his focus towards options trading and technical analysis to better manage risk while still maintain the ability to benefit on the upside. Having tried so many different strategies, over the course of 2 decades, he has refined his strategies to be simple and consistent in generating profits. 

Aside from being heavily involved in the stock market, Eddy is a restauranteur and entrepreneur with various e-commerce companies that he has started. In his spare time, he is constantly designing new trading strategies to play different set ups that the market presents him. He also spends his time off-market hours mentoring and teaching his knowledge of the stock and options market to various VIP clients and groups.

Eddy Li - Technical Options Trading